The business of healthy skin

Dermasweep bridges the gap between physician and non-physician providers with a device that guides each practitioner through pre-programed treatment modules for consistent and precise results without adding additional demands on time.

"Dermasweep has increased revenue to my practice beyond my wildest expectations." - Dr. Kevin Pinski

The Dermasweep investment

Dermasweep adds a 30-minute, results driven, non-invasive modality to your practice.  A low consumable cost, plus fast, precise and consistent treatments using the pre-programed modules drive revenue opportunities.

"Our patients love it, love, love, love Dermasweep." - Blue Mussel Aesthetics

Business building with Dermasweep

When you invest in Dermasweep, you are not only adding a results driven treatment option, but consistent revenue opportunities through repeat patient visits with unparalleled training and support.

"I've had 6 Dermasweep clients this morning so far... changing lives one face at a time." -@joyedmonds!

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