“DermaSweeps are a MUST, We love DermaSweep.”

– RoxSpa Newport Beach


“I am surprised to see how much benefit my patients at UC Irvine get from this device.  Simple, safe, effective, low cost; collectively these aspects make this device a winner.”

– Dr. Christopher Zachary


“DermaSweep for a quick complexion refresh and glow. I love this combination of crystal-free microdermabrasion followed by an infusion of a customized solution, such a salicylic acid, which makes my skin look firmer and radiant. Other infusions can be customized to include vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, or growth factors, to name a few options. There’s no downtime or the need to stop my regular skin care regimen. The procedure takes about 20 minutes, and the results are immediate, which is why I this is one of my favorite treatments when I want to look “red carpet ready.” 

-Vivian Bucay, MD FAAD



“These treatments are especially desirable when patients need a quick boost to look radiant for a special occasion – even prepping for a red carpet appearance can be addressed.”

– Dr. Jeannette Graf


“Our patients love it, love, love, love DermaSweep.”

– Blue Mussel Aesthetics


“DermaSweep is an excellent treatment to keep looking refreshed and youthful.”

– Dr. Sanjay Grover


“DermaSweep has increased revenue to my practice beyond my wildest expectations”

– Dr. Kevin Pinski


“DermaSweep has been a great addition to my practice.  Patients get REAL results from level 1 and 2, not just a glorified facial.”

– Dr. Lisa Donofrio


“We have found DermaSweep to be a real boom to our practice and to the spa area.  Our patients are very pleased with the results, including the little to no downtime and how well these procedures combine with our home topical therapy.  I do recommend this device for most practices that offer derm-aesthetics.”

– Dr. Gary Monheit


“The DermaSweep system was flawlessly integrated into our practice.  The training for the system has been excellent.  We have consistently found the system to be gentle yet effective, permitting us to treat an entire series of skin care problems with one system.”

Dr. Ivona Percec


“Our patients just love the results that they are seeing from DermaSweep treatments.  Its one of the best investments you can make.”

– North Shore Med Spa


“DermaSweep is to traditional microdermabrasion as the wire brush is to the diamond fraise in dermabrasion. It is more aggressive & capable of producing a more significant result. When coupled with the various infusion agents the results transcend those achievable with any other microdermabrasion system.”

– Roy Grekin, M.D.


“DermaSweep” is the latest in evolving micro-resurfacing technologies, a system that combines the elements of brushes, vacuum, and continual flow application of any number of agents simultaneously to effectively boost the therapeutic impact of agents. It is well tolerated and useful to treat a variety of problems from acne to sun-damaged skin in a manner that patients can both appreciate and tolerate.

I think physicians are only beginning to ‘scratch the surface’ with this therapeutic approach and will undoubtedly refine its use as time goes on.”

– Richard Glogau, M.D.