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The DermaSweep Pro system offers spa owners and their staff the latest innovation in skin treatment available today.

Its flexibility, precision and control delivers optimum benefits and results for your clientele.

Gone are the days of the sandblast replaced by our particle-free technology that delivers a safer, painless and highly effective exfoliation.

The DermaSweep Pro offers two levels of treatment:

  • Particle-free Microdermabrasion. Utilizing a combination of DermaSweep's revolutionary brush tips, the aesthetician or spa professional can easily tailor treatments for optimum results.

    Our variable level vacuum pump that gently lifts the skin as our bristles "sweep away" the dead layer of skin in a precise and controlled manner. No aluminum oxide crystals, so there is no risk of particles remaining embedded in the skin.

  • Epi-Infusion. Epi-Infusion treatments combine exfoliation with delivery of skin specific topical solutions leaving clients with fresher-feeling and better-looking skin.

Other key features include:

  • 4 patent-pending bristle tips. Our polyester or nylon bristle tips fully eliminate the mess and discomfort associated with traditional crystal systems. These multiple bristle tip options provide an unmatched capability to customize exfoliation depending on skin type and desired results.

The result is a clean, consistently effective treatment. More importantly, your clients will see a noticeable skin improvement with fewer treatments and even after the first treatment.

  • Advanced, variable vacuum levels. The DermaSweep Pro enables airflow through the bristles to allow the skin to be gently drawn into the bristle for a more effective and less irritating exfoliation.
  • Customization. The DermaSweep system adds customization to the spa professional or aesthetician, with choices of bristle tips, variable vacuum control and simultaneous topical delivery with exfoliation using our Epi-Infusion delivery system.
  • Safety. Carefully following our treatment protocol, DermaSweep treatments are one of the safest, lowest-risk, age-defying procedures available. Key features include:
    • No aluminum oxide crystals, so there is no risk of particles remaining embedded in the skin.
    • Digital LCD display for precise vacuum pressure or air flow.
    • Precision Microdermabrasion - selecting the appropriate tip, along with the adjustable vacuum pressure, allows for safe controlled abrasion
    • Safety and ease of use - wands and treatment tips which may be steam sterilized or immersed in and anti-bacterial solution
    • Blue LED Indicator illuminates when selecting Epi-Infusion or Hydro-Assisted Dermabrasion options.
    • Red LED Indicator illuminates when the HEPA filter is full or has no air flow.
    • Yellow LED Indicator illuminates when the High Vacuum feature is on.

DermaSweep Pro Skin Specific Treatments

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